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Data following the category are: callsign (operator), year of operation, total score, and number of prefix multipliers. Click on the category to view other high scores for World.

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Tribander/Single-Element (2011 - 2016)   Rookie (2011 - 2016)
Category Call Year Score WPX

Tribander/Single-Element - High Power
ALL6Y2T (VE3DZ)20134,529,520720
10MZX2B (PY2MNL)20161,758,058547
15MKN6DV/1 20122,253,537663
20MGM3W (GM3SEK)20162,119,355665
40MWT4O (K9OM)20132,991,120605
80MHA3LI 20131,220,436406

Tribander/Single-Element - Low Power
ALLOQ6A (ON5MF)20153,637,840740
10MPY5ZW 2015876,708426
15MEA8DED 20161,351,875515
20MM9K (M0SIY)20161,533,872592
40MIW4EGX 20152,001,290515
80MM0VAA 2011736,334347
Category Call Year Score WPX

Rookie - High Power
ALLOK3KW 20131,167,964413
10M9A3DZH 20142,55030
15MHZ1TT 2013750,849373
20MYT5W (YT2PFR)20111,241,376536
40MWK9U 2016479,516313
80M no entry      

Rookie - Low Power
ALLIU4CHE 20161,239,446494
10MYY1YLY 20161,458,700503
15MPU1MKZ 20131,108,728472
20MIT9CLN 2014289,221321
40M9A3BWW 2013286,296237
80MYU4OIZ 2016122,450155


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