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1YV1KK2015SO LP 10M2,635,1101,33267029.3 [Cert]
2EE8E2013SO LP 10M2,154,3691,22559322.8EA8AH[Cert]
3LW6DG2014SO LP 10M1,912,9601,15556027.4 [Cert]
4A61DJ2016SO LP 10M1,753,4361,12955723.2 [Cert]
5EE7Y2014SO LP 10M1,582,3801,07559628.2EA7ISH[Cert]
6YY1YLY2016SO LP 10M (R)1,458,70098150324.2 [Cert]
7EA8MT2012SO LP 10M1,271,43093745923.2 [Cert]
8PU1MKZ2016SO LP 10M976,36076144023.9 [Cert]
9H2X2015SO LP 10M906,59478939424.65B4ALX[Cert]
10PY5ZW2015SO LP 10M (T)876,70869442624.4 [Cert]
11KH6ZM2012SO LP 10M798,22277934621.3 [Cert]
125B/IZ4AMS2014SO LP 10M785,91671438323.9 [Cert]
13HZ1PS2014SO LP 10M771,25664342417.9 [Cert]
14A61ZX2014SO LP 10M666,83962736718.0 [Cert]
15EF8J2016SO LP 10M (T)657,10562935520.3EA8CNR[Cert]
16UY2UA2015SO LP 10M621,27060339029.9 [Cert]
17EA1ACP2015SO LP 10M595,70759839920.6 [Cert]
18I0UZF2014SO LP 10M570,84356636923.7 [Cert]
19YT8A2015SO LP 10M564,75057937521.8YU1EA[Cert]
20XE3N2014SO LP 10M564,20069536424.4 [Cert]
21CA5GRF2015SO LP 10M (R)529,86952434727.9 [Cert]
22PY2WC2013SO LP 10M529,39755732318.1 [Cert]
23CE3DNP2015SO LP 10M509,69648936224.6 [Cert]
24R9VA2016SO LP 10M500,83054431913.5 [Cert]
25JH6WHN2014SO LP 10M481,95048435726.6 [Cert]
26VO2DX/92014SO LP 10M454,24054033413.0VE9AA[Cert]
27N2WK2014SO LP 10M449,54854837423.7 [Cert]
28LW6DG2015SO LP 10M447,29949730711.0 [Cert]
29YD1GCL2014SO LP 10M435,32848230430.0 [Cert]
30A92AA2015SO LP 10M (R)431,31447531316.2 [Cert]
31XQ7UP2013SO LP 10M (T)420,60451028420.7 [Cert]
32UN6LN2015SO LP 10M413,16049231320.6 [Cert]
33WA1FCN/42014SO LP 10M407,00850732221.9 [Cert]
34EA8CNR2015SO LP 10M (T)405,42647029419.2 [Cert]
35ON3DI2015SO LP 10M394,68447531624.5 [Cert]
36FP/W6HGF2014SO LP 10M390,19554929921.6W6HGF[Cert]
37LW3DN2016SO LP 10M380,25545229521.9 [Cert]
38PY2EB2013SO LP 10M356,40044627524.3 [Cert]
39EA1DR2015SO LP 10M349,52447029220.7 [Cert]
40FG4NO2012SO LP 10M348,72153428120.2 [Cert]
41RA6GW2015SO LP 10M (R)344,10048831016.8 [Cert]
42NH7AA2016SO LP 10M (T)336,00046325019.9 [Cert]
43PP5NS2014SO LP 10M333,18042827022.8 [Cert]
44HG0R2014SO LP 10M332,61843328620.1HA0NAR[Cert]
45JA1BPA2015SO LP 10M330,43538631517.3 [Cert]
46JH6WHN2015SO LP 10M329,41137830718.6 [Cert]
47E21YDP2015SO LP 10M324,57040331025.7 [Cert]
48US1Q2015SO LP 10M323,76545929320.8 [Cert]
49EC8CQ2015SO LP 10M (T)322,8004072699.2 [Cert]
50I0UZF2016SO LP 10M321,71442829321.4 [Cert]
51UN6TA2016SO LP 10M318,66844026615.1 [Cert]
52UZ7HO2014SO LP 10M311,04042028823.2 [Cert]
53IZ8BRI2014SO LP 10M (T)305,62039829519.1 [Cert]
54EC7AKV2014SO LP 10M303,40841830116.1 [Cert]
55CA5GRF2016SO LP 10M301,15540425513.4 [Cert]
56UC8U2014SO LP 10M294,76844726721.4 [Cert]
57RA9RR2013SO LP 10M288,35439025716.9 [Cert]
58IW4EGX2014SO LP 10M (T)287,32640325712.9 [Cert]
59G8X2015SO LP 10M275,26440127222.7G4FJK[Cert]
60DO4DXA2015SO LP 10M263,98037626818.0 [Cert]
61PY2XC2016SO LP 10M262,38437324815.8 [Cert]
62JH7RTQ2015SO LP 10M259,20436027418.6 [Cert]
63J39BS2012SO LP 10M257,21749324917.1 [Cert]
64PU5ATX2012SO LP 10M241,60642321417.0 [Cert]
65SV5BYR2015SO LP 10M237,19541325114.1 [Cert]
66F6CQU2016SO LP 10M235,71236225413.5 [Cert]
67RM0W2016SO LP 10M226,77534323514.5 [Cert]
68RQ7R2015SO LP 10M225,88234326719.5 [Cert]
69PY4ZE2014SO LP 10M (T)223,87534022511.6 [Cert]
70J35X2013SO LP 10M220,50046622519.8 [Cert]
71YT2B2015SO LP 10M212,17334124718.8 [Cert]
72RA9RR2012SO LP 10M208,37335220913.9 [Cert]
73JE7HYK2015SO LP 10M206,50030325015.3 [Cert]
74ZP5DBC2012SO LP 10M205,80034321014.3 [Cert]
75UA3QJJ2015SO LP 10M205,42535324919.1 [Cert]
76CA3SOC2014SO LP 10M205,22633921424.1 [Cert]
77LU1EY2015SO LP 10M201,38828225330.0LU6DPP[Cert]
78UU9JQ2014SO LP 10M199,98434723221.1 [Cert]
79CT1AOZ2013SO LP 10M193,49232424417.8 [Cert]
80IW9FDD2015SO LP 10M (T)186,86730924314.3 [Cert]
81LU8EOT2012SO LP 10M185,4093331896.4LU9ESD[Cert]
82OH9UFO2015SO LP 10M184,86732922318.7 [Cert]
83RX6BS2015SO LP 10M184,47534923526.4 [Cert]
84CA3CBM2015SO LP 10M183,78129721111.3 [Cert]
85NA5NN2014SO LP 10M183,27435124713.9W5UE[Cert]
86VE6BMX2012SO LP 10M183,24844120814.4 [Cert]
87AB1J2014SO LP 10M (T)183,24134625723.4 [Cert]
88JA6WFM2015SO LP 10M169,62027322013.1 [Cert]
89LU9EHU2015SO LP 10M (T)166,98827121822.9 [Cert]
90EA8/IK1PMR2013SO LP 10M160,97427819813.0IK1PMR[Cert]
91BA3AX2014SO LP 10M157,48832120420.9 [Cert]
92LZ2JA2015SO LP 10M153,62427022218.8 [Cert]
93EA1VT2015SO LP 10M150,96828122616.6 [Cert]
94K2PS/42014SO LP 10M145,80030622522.5 [Cert]
95YB0COU2015SO LP 10M145,70527518115.2 [Cert]
96I1WXY2016SO LP 10M145,55528321521.3 [Cert]
97EA8AKQ2016SO LP 10M144,17125419310.2 [Cert]
98ER1OO2016SO LP 10M (T)141,94030218816.1 [Cert]
99LZ2JA2014SO LP 10M141,88727719915.7 [Cert]
100JA1BJI2015SO LP 10M140,34425221211.4 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.