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1EA3GLB2011SO LP 40M2,991,7281,10757829.1 [Cert]
2S56A2016SO LP 40M2,384,00091259629.9 [Cert]
3IQ3UD2010SO LP 40M2,231,13888953329.9IW3SQY[Cert]
4IW4EGX2015SO LP 40M (T)2,001,29089051527.9 [Cert]
5S50RY2011SO LP 40M1,994,89882450329.4S51D[Cert]
6IQ3UD2009SO LP 40M1,858,52085248529.9IV3DSH [Cert]
7OE1MCU2012SO LP 40M1,847,67882548729.8 [Cert]
8UZ7HO2013SO LP 40M1,810,61484650129.9 [Cert]
9YU1AST2016SO LP 40M (T)1,763,58081651029.7YT2T[Cert]
10YU2A2013SO LP 40M (T)1,725,63081448528.3 [Cert]
11IK3TPP2016SO LP 40M (T)1,714,62083851026.6 [Cert]
124Z5UN2015SO LP 40M1,596,25264943430.0 [Cert]
13E79D2010SO LP 40M1,571,57076045529.1 [Cert]
14IW4EGX2013SO LP 40M (T)1,502,67676046924.9 [Cert]
15YU1AST2012SO LP 40M (T)1,395,45074744327.7YU2A[Cert]
16EA7ISH2013SO LP 40M (T)1,382,64869943123.9 [Cert]
17E79D2013SO LP 40M1,339,33866042924.7 [Cert]
18YW5T2012SO LP 40M1,331,74865135420.5YV5JBI[Cert]
19SP3VSE2011SO LP 40M1,327,92071244027.9 [Cert]
20YO4NF2016SO LP 40M1,325,87071145528.5 [Cert]
21YW5T2016SO LP 40M1,323,32862236820.3YV5JBI[Cert]
22UR7TZ2010SO LP 40M1,303,73670943429.2 [Cert]
23EA3EZD2013SO LP 40M1,262,07269843423.1 [Cert]
24YU2A2015SO LP 40M (T)1,247,32466944227.8 [Cert]
25OK2RU2013SO LP 40M (T)1,239,77065544529.9 [Cert]
26TM45RY2011SO LP 40M1,221,16868941226.2F6FNL[Cert]
27OK2RU2010SO LP 40M1,168,17265341929.5 [Cert]
28US0HZ2011SO LP 40M1,156,90865042128.9 [Cert]
29OK2RU2011SO LP 40M1,148,96061743029.9 [Cert]
30SQ2NNN2013SO LP 40M1,142,08060241529.8 [Cert]
31CT1EEK2011SO LP 40M (T)1,126,66458941329.9 [Cert]
32YT5W2013SO LP 40M1,126,02662442324.8YT2PFR[Cert]
33HG5D2014SO LP 40M1,122,08264741928.3 [Cert]
34EC5CSW2010SO LP 40M1,114,87663840623.3 [Cert]
35OK2RU2016SO LP 40M (T)1,070,08062141829.8 [Cert]
36YY4DNN2013SO LP 40M1,052,43654035722.2 [Cert]
37UT0EA2009SO LP 40M1,038,30663639328.4 [Cert]
38OK2RU2015SO LP 40M (T)996,30058040529.6 [Cert]
39UR7TZ2011SO LP 40M991,30460339430.0 [Cert]
40SQ2NNN2015SO LP 40M990,52858640227.2 [Cert]
41IK5AMB2011SO LP 40M978,94859538326.7 [Cert]
42OK2RU2012SO LP 40M (T)957,58459238830.0 [Cert]
43E75C2013SO LP 40M946,33059138520.2 [Cert]
44S51DX2016SO LP 40M (T)946,30858040233.7 [Cert]
45IK5AMB2010SO LP 40M944,68059438028.5 [Cert]
46IW4EGX2012SO LP 40M (T)943,71458938925.7 [Cert]
47OK2RU2014SO LP 40M (T)910,18856338629.6 [Cert]
48OM5TX2009SO LP 40M904,30859935825.5 [Cert]
49UY7C2011SO LP 40M899,49655137226.5 [Cert]
50DL1DTL2011SO LP 40M894,58858938128.2 [Cert]
51G8HBA2016SO LP 40M852,98458935923.3 [Cert]
52Z6/S52DD2013SO LP 40M (T)851,55261035626.5 [Cert]
53EU1AZ2010SO LP 40M836,94454836229.8 [Cert]
54G8HBA2013SO LP 40M828,85655936126.4 [Cert]
55G8HBA2011SO LP 40M820,22455435626.4 [Cert]
56M0VAA2010SO LP 40M818,24453435725.9 [Cert]
57SP3VSE2010SO LP 40M806,47452236123.6 [Cert]
58YW5RY2010SO LP 40M798,98445332417.2YV5KAJ[Cert]
59CS2B2012SO LP 40M795,64857833626.4 [Cert]
60UA3PI2016SO LP 40M789,12057036033.0 [Cert]
61HA1WD2015SO LP 40M779,58053135529.1 [Cert]
62K9NR2011SO LP 40M774,20063035020.9 [Cert]
63HA8BT2014SO LP 40M772,54851235725.8 [Cert]
64US0HZ2012SO LP 40M771,80851535621.7 [Cert]
65WA1FCN/42016SO LP 40M771,52867337225.4 [Cert]
66US0MM2010SO LP 40M768,81252134619.5 [Cert]
67WA1FCN/42012SO LP 40M768,12072037026.6 [Cert]
68DL5KUD2013SO LP 40M (T)767,97052937126.0 [Cert]
69IK3ORD2015SO LP 40M (T)761,06851535327.2 [Cert]
70UY7C2009SO LP 40M760,57253033326.7UR3CMA [Cert]
71MM0EAX2012SO LP 40M744,27652333821.4 [Cert]
72I3PXN2015SO LP 40M739,15252234826.1 [Cert]
73YY5LI2009SO LP 40M734,63844528924.8 [Cert]
74Z39A2016SO LP 40M (T)734,29650634914.1 [Cert]
75DL5KUD2012SO LP 40M (T)721,05054134526.4 [Cert]
76DL5KUD2015SO LP 40M (T)710,82050335924.2 [Cert]
77EA5YI2011SO LP 40M706,74447733417.8 [Cert]
78IK0RCY2014SO LP 40M703,13650034422.0 [Cert]
79UP6P2011SO LP 40M693,84042829512.6UN6P[Cert]
80KC4HW2010SO LP 40M692,04058036519.9 [Cert]
81UY2UQ2012SO LP 40M686,08050833530.0 [Cert]
824M1F2016SO LP 40M678,87643127823.9 [Cert]
83RN4HFJ2013SO LP 40M671,93049233125.0 [Cert]
84DF2SD2013SO LP 40M (T)667,87051532929.5 [Cert]
85ON3DI2013SO LP 40M659,28046132830.0 [Cert]
86US0HZ2014SO LP 40M655,80245633721.1 [Cert]
87YO3RU2012SO LP 40M653,25050032527.2 [Cert]
889A8A2013SO LP 40M650,76049831915.4 [Cert]
89DL5KUD2014SO LP 40M (T)641,59247934224.9 [Cert]
90CT1EEK2013SO LP 40M (T)640,91243332829.4 [Cert]
91OK2UHP2013SO LP 40M639,61248532626.5 [Cert]
92HI3FVA2011SO LP 40M636,56048429219.4 [Cert]
93N6MA/72011SO LP 40M633,65454932923.8 [Cert]
94SV1DPP2015SO LP 40M632,19649830617.1 [Cert]
95G8HBA2014SO LP 40M631,78049631020.2 [Cert]
96OK2SAR2011SO LP 40M618,26848531122.3 [Cert]
97US0KS2010SO LP 40M612,46846432127.5 [Cert]
98G8HBA2012SO LP 40M609,60049330020.0 [Cert]
99RV6LCI2011SO LP 40M607,33245932127.9 [Cert]
100DJ2RG2016SO LP 40M (T)607,05448133118.2 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.