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1IV3YIM2010SO LP 80M1,085,46670739326.2 [Cert]
2HA8BE2013SO LP 80M955,32062538029.8 [Cert]
3EU8RZ2010SO LP 80M915,49662236129.0 [Cert]
4SQ2RGB2013SO LP 80M847,96857536329.8 [Cert]
5DF8XC2012SO LP 80M795,39660935725.1 [Cert]
6IK1DFH2009SO LP 80M763,68056334419.6 [Cert]
7SQ2RGB2011SO LP 80M757,15455234729.4 [Cert]
8UZ2HZ2011SO LP 80M744,10054635027.0 [Cert]
9YU2A2009SO LP 80M738,34054133525.5 [Cert]
10M0VAA2011SO LP 80M (T)736,33451634727.8 [Cert]
11YT2AAA2011SO LP 80M683,31650033327.6 [Cert]
12SP6GCU2013SO LP 80M681,41450633722.6 [Cert]
13SQ2RGB2015SO LP 80M674,67451233729.8 [Cert]
14HA8BT2013SO LP 80M663,98650933126.2 [Cert]
15IQ8RB/12010SO LP 80M644,32852431420.3IK1DFH[Cert]
16S53F2012SO LP 80M637,56050331519.9 [Cert]
17IK5AMB2014SO LP 80M (T)626,51649231922.0 [Cert]
18YT5CT2014SO LP 80M620,30851130223.3 [Cert]
19YU7YZ2010SO LP 80M617,38249630925.4 [Cert]
20OM5TX2010SO LP 80M610,00050530521.3 [Cert]
21HA1WD2014SO LP 80M604,78850830327.1 [Cert]
22SP9BNM2012SO LP 80M584,67250730220.3 [Cert]
23UZ2HZ2012SO LP 80M (T)577,57447831722.2 [Cert]
24OK2SAR2016SO LP 80M563,58048330325.3 [Cert]
25OM3ZWA2016SO LP 80M560,14248429719.8 [Cert]
26SO9G2011SO LP 80M (T)559,90847730230.0SP9DTE[Cert]
27OK2HBR2016SO LP 80M552,63647430130.6 [Cert]
28SP40EIY2010SO LP 80M549,62647630123.8 [Cert]
29E77AW2016SO LP 80M532,77045130122.8 [Cert]
30OK4K2016SO LP 80M503,97245628720.2OK1BOA[Cert]
31UT5KO2010SO LP 80M502,68044829517.3 [Cert]
32DF8XC2011SO LP 80M498,60045430013.9 [Cert]
33M0NKR2016SO LP 80M495,83046227713.5 [Cert]
34E74AA2011SO LP 80M494,78043028614.6 [Cert]
35SP9BNM2016SO LP 80M (T)493,72843729623.9 [Cert]
36YO4RDW2013SO LP 80M490,14443228923.1 [Cert]
37OH1TN2011SO LP 80M481,60042828018.9 [Cert]
38SP6IHE2009SO LP 80M481,01242828720.4 [Cert]
39UT5KO2011SO LP 80M477,12843429218.2 [Cert]
40OK2SAR2012SO LP 80M475,87644727117.2 [Cert]
41UZ2HZ2010SO LP 80M472,61044028318.7 [Cert]
42SP6EIY2011SO LP 80M467,04240729319.8 [Cert]
43EU8RZ2011SO LP 80M461,29040828318.5 [Cert]
44Z320N2013SO LP 80M449,84840127713.0 [Cert]
45VC2E2012SO LP 80M447,87648323420.0VE2SB[Cert]
46YL2CI2011SO LP 80M436,83239927219.4 [Cert]
47SP9CTS2011SO LP 80M429,86242226920.3 [Cert]
48LA/DL7URH2016SO LP 80M (T)413,92040726026.0 [Cert]
49OK2HBR2015SO LP 80M410,22041325827.5 [Cert]
50IK2DZN2013SO LP 80M408,95437827314.2 [Cert]
51YL2GQG2010SO LP 80M405,59438825923.7 [Cert]
52DN2SAX2011SO LP 80M (T)390,61242025816.2DL2SAX[Cert]
53US0GH2009SO LP 80M388,60838026425.5 [Cert]
54US0GH2010SO LP 80M388,09638625623.2 [Cert]
55UT5KO2009SO LP 80M382,80238625913.9 [Cert]
56SP9CTS2010SO LP 80M380,46040525521.1 [Cert]
57SP2QOT2011SO LP 80M379,10437326422.8 [Cert]
58SP6GCU2016SO LP 80M377,8563802569.5 [Cert]
59SP4GL2010SO LP 80M376,12436526617.0 [Cert]
60OM3RWB2015SO LP 80M375,45238125320.5OM3ZWA[Cert]
61OK2SAR2015SO LP 80M369,98439024619.0 [Cert]
62F5BEG2009SO LP 80M367,02636324915.6 [Cert]
63S57SU2010SO LP 80M364,07838624728.5 [Cert]
64YR5N2010SO LP 80M364,07836324714.7YO5PBF[Cert]
65UR9QQ2011SO LP 80M359,92235926917.5 [Cert]
66UN1L2015SO LP 80M358,39230521818.8 [Cert]
67SP6DMI2009SO LP 80M355,63236824817.5 [Cert]
68CT1AOZ2011SO LP 80M352,09031925718.1 [Cert]
69SQ2NNN2014SO LP 80M (T)341,70034425518.5 [Cert]
70SP9BNM2015SO LP 80M (T)337,77635524814.4 [Cert]
71OK2SAR2014SO LP 80M336,96037023418.9 [Cert]
72SP5GDY2010SO LP 80M334,80035424820.8 [Cert]
73SM7MX2013SO LP 80M331,93633525326.9SM5MX[Cert]
74SP6DMI2011SO LP 80M329,50034425020.8 [Cert]
75US0ZZ2010SO LP 80M329,02234924314.2 [Cert]
76SP3EPX2011SO LP 80M327,30435425129.3 [Cert]
77S53NW2015SO LP 80M (T)317,50434024224.2 [Cert]
78UT5KO2012SO LP 80M299,70633123912.8 [Cert]
79SP9BNM2011SO LP 80M298,77633223613.1 [Cert]
80EW8DZ2012SO LP 80M293,24832923220.7 [Cert]
81LZ2JA2009SO LP 80M289,19831822711.0 [Cert]
82SQ8JX2011SO LP 80M288,54032622916.1SQ8JX[Cert]
83IO2Z2011SO LP 80M287,82030624614.5IK2DZN[Cert]
84SP5ECC2012SO LP 80M (T)277,30030323524.6 [Cert]
85YT2T2014SO LP 80M (T)276,73829923115.7OU5A[Cert]
86EE8T2014SO LP 80M273,00024419516.7EA8MT[Cert]
87IK2VTJ2013SO LP 80M267,21630822821.7 [Cert]
88UX0DL2015SO LP 80M266,22832322615.7 [Cert]
89E78T2015SO LP 80M264,02031321514.3 [Cert]
90US7KC2015SO LP 80M262,16031022612.8 [Cert]
91CT3KY2014SO LP 80M260,43424119712.9 [Cert]
92SP4GL2009SO LP 80M253,00029522019.5 [Cert]
93OK1HEH2011SO LP 80M239,69628821113.0 [Cert]
94S57AJ2009SO LP 80M238,98030021013.9 [Cert]
95DD9WG2009SO LP 80M237,18428921816.0 [Cert]
96UX5UU2013SO LP 80M235,32028622217.8 [Cert]
97HA8WY2010SO LP 80M231,74428220411.5 [Cert]
98SP9CTS2016SO LP 80M223,70630120319.8 [Cert]
99VE3FRX2009SO LP 80M222,25033517522.8 [Cert]
100OM3RWB2014SO LP 80M208,63826420118.9OM3ZCK[Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.