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1JM1XCW2014SO HP ALL2,690,6881,26461629.5 [Cert]
2JM1XCW2012SO HP ALL2,402,4761,23559628.8 [Cert]
3JA1OVD2013SO HP ALL2,121,3361,14354929.6 [Cert]
4JE1ZWT2013M-ONE HP2,085,1701,16454529.0JA1MML JF1VVR JG1VGX[Cert]
5JM1XCW2016SO HP ALL2,060,5701,06757829.3 [Cert]
6JA1OVD2010SO HP ALL2,042,3681,14251229.5 [Cert]
7JE1ZWT2005M-ONE HP1,987,5451,241483JG1VGX JI1ALP JJ1RJR...[Cert]
8JA1OVD2014SO HP ALL1,934,3981,03654228.4 [Cert]
9JA1OVD2015SO HP ALL1,918,88797952329.1 [Cert]
10JM1XCW2008SO HP ALL1,776,000998444 [Cert]
11JF1PJK2005SO HP ALL1,601,5171,053463 [Cert]
12JM1XCW2011SO HP ALL1,568,49094046228.5 [Cert]
13JA1OVD2011SO HP ALL1,508,90491345629.4 [Cert]
14JM1XCW2005SO HP ALL1,298,800917400 [Cert]
15JE1LFX2013SO HP ALL (T)1,263,08087945529.8 [Cert]
16JE1LFX2010SO HP ALL1,257,06088743829.6 [Cert]
17JA1OVD2012SO HP ALL1,249,42485145828.9 [Cert]
18JH8KYU/12015SO LP ALL1,218,15378046329.8 [Cert]
19JE1LFX2012SO HP ALL (T)1,183,42885346329.2 [Cert]
20JA1BJI2012SO LP ALL1,116,09886843729.7 [Cert]
21JH8KYU/12013SO LP ALL1,050,40076640429.8 [Cert]
22JF1PJK2006SO HP ALL1,008,860726365 [Cert]
23JH8KYU/12016SO LP ALL951,59466641729.8 [Cert]
24JP1QDH2013SO LP ALL (T)920,97276639829.8 [Cert]
25JA1OVD2016SO HP ALL920,85669940822.2 [Cert]
26JF1OPL2013SO HP ALL910,08070639519.5 [Cert]
27JF1OPL2010SO HP ALL908,08471137926.4 [Cert]
28JA1BWA2002SO HP ALL905,310797378 [Cert]
29JF1OPL2014SO HP ALL889,41869740121.1 [Cert]
30JI1RAK2012SO LP ALL (T)872,25672741329.4 [Cert]
31JA1BJI2013SO LP ALL871,34273238221.3 [Cert]
32JA1OVD2006SO LP ALL846,260656340 [Cert]
33JA1OVD2009SO LP ALL820,44072634424.8 [Cert]
34JM1LPN2004SO HP ALL814,680842360 [Cert]
35JA1BWA2003SO HP ALL801,850728350 [Cert]
36JM1LPN2007M-ONE HP798,460741332JM1LPN JA1DDH[Cert]
37JM1XCW2004SO HP ALL739,305697315 [Cert]
38JP1QDH2010SO LP ALL737,85666037829.1 [Cert]
39JQ1BVI2011SO HP ALL720,15470535926.8 [Cert]
40JO1WKO2010SO LP ALL713,85656033818.4 [Cert]
41JA1BWA2001SO HP ALL709,962723347 [Cert]
42JM1LPN2002SO LP ALL690,954696361 [Cert]
437K4QOK2014SO LP ALL672,23164535728.1 [Cert]
44JP1QDH2012SO LP ALL (T)665,26063037029.6 [Cert]
45JF1OPL2015SO HP ALL665,05955937313.8 [Cert]
46JA1AYO2016SO HP ALL658,30860235731.0 [Cert]
47JM1XCW2006SO HP ALL655,140654305 [Cert]
48JA1BWA2004SO HP ALL635,110667301 [Cert]
49JR1NHD2013SO HP 15M (T)629,46059839017.8 [Cert]
50JO1COV2012SO HP 15M629,03159838121.1 [Cert]
51JH8KYU/12011SO LP ALL618,07257131228.6 [Cert]
52JS1OYN2002SO LP ALL610,370655335 [Cert]
53JA1ZGP2016M-ONE HP608,64659636124.5JE1BJP JH1LNC JI1IAW...[Cert]
54JA1BWA2000SO HP ALL605,706659314 [Cert]
55JO1COV2013SO HP 15M593,16457937419.7 [Cert]
56JE1LFX2015SO HP ALL592,04055432817.8 [Cert]
57JE1LFX2006SO HP ALL571,851627313 [Cert]
58JS1OYN2010SO HP ALL564,25663235223.9 [Cert]
59JE1ZWT2006M-TWO563,230582302JA1MML JG1VGX JJ1RJR[Cert]
607N2UQC2014SO LP ALL (T)561,66056634525.9 [Cert]
61JA1AYO2010SO HP ALL556,48057032030.0 [Cert]
62JA1AYO2014SO HP ALL555,17855432626.9 [Cert]
63JF1PJK2010SO HP 40M540,43236727813.9 [Cert]
64JA1AYO2013SO HP ALL529,94754330328.2 [Cert]
657L4IOU2010SO HP ALL513,91255832221.4 [Cert]
66JE1LFX2011SO HP ALL (T)505,11054129821.9 [Cert]
67JP1QDH2011SO LP ALL (T)504,94455330228.5 [Cert]
68JF1OPL2012SO HP ALL501,69651431215.5 [Cert]
69JN1BMX2013SO HP ALL498,76051033716.1 [Cert]
70JJ1NYH2013SO HP ALL (T)494,49054031126.5 [Cert]
717N2UQC2013SO LP ALL (T)492,80453632427.8 [Cert]
72JM1XCW2015SO HP ALL487,66947129910.2 [Cert]
737K4QOK2012SO LP ALL483,52054432030.0 [Cert]
74JN1THL2016SO HP ALL471,25749832324.4 [Cert]
75JI1RAK2011SO LP ALL467,75451530129.1 [Cert]
76JP1QDH2009SO LP ALL466,94958028729.0 [Cert]
77JA1OVD2005SO LP ALL463,882488274 [Cert]
78JS1OYN2005SO HP ALL457,056602276 [Cert]
79JA1AYO2015SO HP ALL454,32147828723.6 [Cert]
80JA1BJI2011SO LP ALL449,52652227826.2 [Cert]
817N2UQC2015SO LP ALL (T)449,50650731724.8 [Cert]
82JA1OVD2008SO HP 40M445,974374239 [Cert]
83JF1LMB2016SO HP ALL444,93844731433.3 [Cert]
84JA1SJV2011SO HP ALL441,60048530025.2 [Cert]
85JJ1NYH2014SO HP ALL (T)439,35048030322.3 [Cert]
86JO1WKO2007SO LP ALL428,538416258 [Cert]
87JS1OYN2011SO LP ALL428,26253127427.3 [Cert]
88JA1MZM2015SO LP ALL (T)422,10049031523.6 [Cert]
897L4IOU2002SO LP ALL418,840496283 [Cert]
907N2UQC2010SO LP ALL416,20852127629.8 [Cert]
91JA1BNW2013SO LP ALL409,01445427918.2 [Cert]
927N2UQC2016SO LP ALL (T)407,25346330127.6 [Cert]
93JM1XCW2007SO HP ALL397,720444244 [Cert]
94JM1LPN2005SO HP 15M390,380487298 [Cert]
95JA1AYO2012SO HP ALL386,56846427324.6 [Cert]
96JF1LMB2015SO LP ALL382,09642828630.0 [Cert]
97JG1IEF2012SO HP ALL382,04442931627.8 [Cert]
98JH1XUM2016SO HP ALL380,02145029323.9 [Cert]
99JG1GGU2010SO LP ALL377,84446727621.6 [Cert]
100JH1FNU2014SO LP ALL369,42044428223.3 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.