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1JS3CTQ2013SO HP ALL4,223,3101,60571429.9 [Cert]
2JS3CTQ2008SO HP ALL2,958,8051,418545 [Cert]
3JS3CTQ2006SO HP ALL2,948,9521,496551 [Cert]
4JS3CTQ2012SO HP ALL904,73676039215.1 [Cert]
5JR3NZC2008SO HP ALL889,505706365 [Cert]
6JG3FEA2016SO LP ALL847,07162041127.6 [Cert]
7JG3FEA2015SO LP ALL800,35862340325.0 [Cert]
8JG3FEA2014SO LP ALL761,84360739726.9 [Cert]
9JA3QOS2016SO HP ALL (T)676,73460436628.3 [Cert]
10JS3CTQ2011SO HP ALL633,87259134612.1 [Cert]
11JN3SAC2016SO HP ALL (T)624,62455136425.1 [Cert]
12JR3NZC2010SO HP ALL584,36956731112.9 [Cert]
13JR3NZC2004SO HP ALL563,400581300 [Cert]
14JR3RIY2013SO LP 15M545,66652137426.8 [Cert]
15JH3CUL2010SO LP ALL538,16053631025.2 [Cert]
16JN3SAC2015SO HP ALL (T)524,09451833921.1 [Cert]
17JR3NZC2005SO HP ALL510,849558279 [Cert]
18JR3NZC2007SO HP ALL497,852483284 [Cert]
19JR3RIY2014SO HP 15M469,02646036722.7 [Cert]
20JR3RIY2015SO HP 15M453,58645736219.6 [Cert]
218J3YAGI2007SO HP ALL435,101489257JA1CQL[Cert]
22JR3RIY2016SO HP 15M419,17544034518.7 [Cert]
23JG3FEA2013SO LP ALL402,78042029420.5 [Cert]
24JH3WKE2015SO LP ALL (T)400,80046230024.4 [Cert]
25JA3LEB2010SO HP 40M378,35031223515.9 [Cert]
26JR3RIY2012SO LP 15M376,85244431317.4 [Cert]
27JN3SAC2013SO HP ALL (T)346,06041426022.5 [Cert]
28JN3SAC2014SO HP ALL (T)304,04539524521.9 [Cert]
29JA4XHF/32016SO LP ALL297,34936325719.7 [Cert]
30JG3SVP2014SO LP ALL294,57639827214.3 [Cert]
31JG3FEA2011SO LP ALL293,54436724327.1 [Cert]
32JR3RIY2010SO LP 15M265,39836726719.4 [Cert]
33JA3HBF2016SO HP ALL (T)262,75036325017.1 [Cert]
34JA3IKG2012SO LP ALL256,18437424821.7 [Cert]
35JH3CUL2013SO LP ALL252,67235122413.6 [Cert]
36JH3CUL2012SO LP ALL251,69435823716.7 [Cert]
37JA3IKG2009SO HP ALL251,45038123527.8 [Cert]
38JH3WKE2014SO LP ALL243,04035724517.7 [Cert]
39JA3QOS2012SO HP ALL242,75032925020.7 [Cert]
40JN3SAC2010SO HP ALL241,73833721721.3 [Cert]
41JA3IKG2011SO LP ALL237,35434222128.1 [Cert]
42JI3BFC2013SO LP 20M (T)230,62033226025.6 [Cert]
43JI3BFC2014SO HP 10M (T)229,25033325018.4 [Cert]
44JA3JM2015SO LP ALL223,56034223022.8 [Cert]
45JN3TSY2015SO LP ALL (T)222,20032322025.3 [Cert]
46JS3CTQ2009SO HP ALL220,2483252286.7 [Cert]
47JH3WKE2016SO LP ALL (T)214,62232623917.9 [Cert]
48JA3HBF2015SO HP ALL214,42531822514.9 [Cert]
49JA3MIB2015SO LP ALL206,06433321221.2 [Cert]
50JA3LEB2008SO HP 40M205,700246170 [Cert]
51JA3EVZ2001SO HP 15M204,574314233 [Cert]
52JR3RIY2001SO LP ALL204,546332219 [Cert]
53JA4XHF/32015SO LP ALL (T)203,40431121116.9 [Cert]
54JG3FEA2012SO LP 15M199,28830723214.8 [Cert]
55JL3TMH2011SO LP 15M192,42331823119.2 [Cert]
56JR3NDM2013SO LP ALL187,37029720522.7 [Cert]
57JF3NKA2012SO LP ALL (T)185,73629421819.9 [Cert]
58JK3GWT2011SO LP ALL (T)184,41430821118.2 [Cert]
59JA3JM2014SO LP ALL180,86832120623.7 [Cert]
60JR3RIY2005SO HP 15M177,021294221 [Cert]
61JN3SAC2009SO HP ALL175,11028919517.2 [Cert]
62JR3RIY2003SO HP 15M174,944298224 [Cert]
63JL3MCM2015SO LP ALL (T)174,52324519915.9 [Cert]
64JR3RIY2011SO LP 15M174,46029022015.0 [Cert]
65JR3RIY2002SO HP 15M173,250279225 [Cert]
66JA3QOS2013SO HP ALL (T)172,34928219312.8 [Cert]
67JA3IKG2010SO HP ALL168,86128418715.7 [Cert]
68JN3TMW2016SO HP ALL (T)168,40026920019.3 [Cert]
69JR3NZC2006SO HP ALL167,650318175 [Cert]
70JN3TSY2016SO LP ALL (T)166,17328819322.4 [Cert]
71JA3JM2009SO LP ALL165,62031118224.1 [Cert]
72JO3PSJ2015SO LP ALL161,66428619228.0 [Cert]
73JH3DMQ2015SO QRP ALL158,46527020525.1 [Cert]
74JA3EVZ2000SO HP 15M154,936263214 [Cert]
75JN3SAC2008SO HP ALL153,729254171 [Cert]
76JO3PSJ2012SO LP ALL152,16829918423.1 [Cert]
77JJ3VPY2000SO LP ALL151,956295189 [Cert]
78JH3CUL2009SO LP ALL151,36030017612.4 [Cert]
79JH3BYX2013SO LP ALL150,54027519323.7 [Cert]
80JN3SAC2012SO HP ALL (T)148,21326216914.9 [Cert]
81JH3BYX2014SO LP ALL144,38426219220.8 [Cert]
82JH3PTC2009SO LP ALL141,24030016521.8 [Cert]
83JA3FYC2016SO HP ALL139,27419416613.7  
84JA3JM2013SO LP ALL135,69627517621.0 [Cert]
85JA3IKG2013SO LP ALL132,31125118110.7 [Cert]
86JH3CUL2000SO LP ALL130,260265167 [Cert]
87JA3JM2012SO LP ALL125,84726317720.9 [Cert]
88JA3JM2016SO LP ALL124,21527116919.7 [Cert]
89JI3CWI2016SO LP 40M (T)122,20819915215.7 [Cert]
90JR3NDM2003SO LP ALL121,794241159 [Cert]
91JA3JM2010SO LP ALL121,60025616023.4 [Cert]
92JH3PTC2008SO LP ALL121,542261141 [Cert]
93JH3CUL 2008SO HP 40M118,368188137 [Cert]
94JA3HBF2011SO LP ALL (T)118,26924215318.5 [Cert]
95JA3MIB2012SO LP 15M112,54523618317.2 [Cert]
96JG3RPL2014SO LP ALL (T)111,83424417113.3 [Cert]
97JO3JYE2002SO LP ALL111,628240172 [Cert]
98JN3SAC2011SO HP ALL (T)110,88022514416.3 [Cert]
99JK3GWT2010SO LP 15M109,7402291775.3 [Cert]
100JH3DMQ2012SO QRP 15M108,58023117821.7 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.