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1VA2UP2014SO LP ALL5,751,8942,29576629.7 [Cert]
2VA2UP2013SO LP ALL5,558,6302,07977029.6 [Cert]
3VC2SU2011M-ONE HP5,068,7241,92572442.7VA2UP VE2SB[Cert]
4VA2UP2012SO LP ALL5,032,3391,98874329.9 [Cert]
5N2WQ/VE32013SO HP ALL4,315,2071,71968929.9 [Cert]
6VA2UP2010SO LP ALL4,134,2001,67270029.9 [Cert]
7VA2AM2013SO HP ALL3,813,3281,56265630.0 [Cert]
8VC2E2010SO HP ALL3,421,0651,57265528.3VE2SB[Cert]
9VA2AM2012SO HP ALL3,402,0561,55763230.0 [Cert]
10VA2AM2014SO HP ALL2,627,6421,25056923.9 [Cert]
11VA2AM2011SO HP ALL2,406,1131,26658730.0 [Cert]
12VE2FK2015SO HP ALL2,263,2481,28555824.9 [Cert]
13VE2GSO2015SO HP ALL2,185,1061,30553929.3 [Cert]
14VE2RYY2007SO HP 20M2,076,0031,279621 [Cert]
15VE2FK2016SO HP ALL1,998,6301,20053026.7 [Cert]
16VA2UP2009SO LP ALL1,894,6921,10949228.5 [Cert]
17VA2UP2008SO LP ALL1,878,0751,166491 [Cert]
18VX2HQ2002SO HP ALL1,836,5101,389442 [Cert]
19VA2AM2015SO HP ALL1,819,09598151921.5 [Cert]
20VE2FK2011SO HP ALL1,818,3241,11147726.6 [Cert]
21VA2ES2016SO LP ALL1,810,8181,12952228.9VE2AXO[Cert]
22VE2RYY 2008SO HP 20M1,810,0741,155607 [Cert]
23VE2FXL2012SO HP ALL (T)1,801,0861,08751829.5 [Cert]
24VE2FK2013SO HP ALL1,787,6221,11450226.0 [Cert]
25VE2GSO2016SO HP ALL1,786,9881,14753222.0 [Cert]
26VE2RYY2006SO HP 20M1,782,0301,163573 [Cert]
27N2WQ/VE32014SO HP 20M (T)1,753,8901,09364626.3 [Cert]
28VA2ES2015SO LP ALL1,745,9281,07353123.6VE2AXO[Cert]
29VA2UP2007SO LP ALL1,640,5971,086497 [Cert]
30VE2FXL2011SO HP ALL (T)1,636,84399948130.0 [Cert]
31VE2EBK2016SO LP ALL1,632,5401,04150729.0 [Cert]
32VE2FK2012SO HP ALL1,582,70098747523.1 [Cert]
33VA2ES2014SO LP ALL1,478,9461,05048328.4VE2AXO[Cert]
34VE2HQ2003SO HP ALL1,332,9021,071394 [Cert]
35VE2FK2009SO HP ALL1,278,36888543927.3 [Cert]
36VE2GSO2014SO HP ALL1,232,0881,04742921.9 [Cert]
37VE2AXO2011SO LP ALL (T)1,179,02688143728.9 [Cert]
38VE2FK2014SO HP ALL1,165,94488844422.1 [Cert]
39VE2FBD2006SO LP ALL1,153,326861422 [Cert]
40VE2FK2008SO HP ALL1,141,550887395 [Cert]
41VE2AXO2010SO LP ALL1,138,95682344727.8 [Cert]
42VE2FK2007SO HP ALL1,051,560842381 [Cert]
43VC2E2009SO HP ALL1,020,44877641626.9VE2SB [Cert]
44VE2AXO2001SO LP ALL1,016,884940382 [Cert]
45VE2EBK2014SO LP ALL (T)982,93283540430.0 [Cert]
46VE2BVV2016SO LP ALL917,57768938729.9 [Cert]
47VX2RA2002SO HP ALL868,027759353 [Cert]
48VE2FK2006SO HP ALL855,372698357 [Cert]
49VE2AXO2006SO LP ALL840,360713376 [Cert]
50VE2AXO2012SO LP ALL (T)828,70474037623.6 [Cert]
51VE2FK2010SO LP ALL823,28469036321.7 [Cert]
52VE2AXO2008SO LP ALL805,527689369 [Cert]
53VE2RYY2004SO HP 20M738,241733401 [Cert]
54VA2WA2011SO HP ALL (T)699,88863633617.3VA2WDQ[Cert]
55VE2EBK2013SO LP ALL (T)668,50062535021.7 [Cert]
56VE2NMB2014SO HP ALL (R)618,42262732617.4 [Cert]
57VE2EBK2012SO LP ALL (T)603,48061832127.5 [Cert]
58VE2AXO2007SO LP ALL588,714590321 [Cert]
59VE2BVV2015SO LP ALL551,44454135628.7 [Cert]
60VE2RYY2005SO HP ALL541,677546309 [Cert]
61VE2EBK2015SO LP ALL501,24851435621.4 [Cert]
62VE2FK2005SO LP ALL479,948546281 [Cert]
63VE2NMB2015SO HP ALL466,95549130514.4 [Cert]
64VC2E2012SO LP 80M447,87648323420.0VE2SB[Cert]
65VE2SB2008SO HP 20M436,188528326 [Cert]
66VA2SG2007SO LP ALL423,844542271 [Cert]
67VE2AXO2003SO LP ALL413,172512276 [Cert]
68VE2XAA2011SO LP ALL (T)404,40045330017.7 [Cert]
69VE2XAA2008SO LP ALL401,856454273 [Cert]
70VE2FU2015SO HP 10M (T)398,77245131821.2 [Cert]
71VE2NMB2016SO HP ALL393,66044927014.1 [Cert]
72VE2ZT2016SO LP ALL389,20047128022.3 [Cert]
73VE2AXO2013SO LP ALL387,26044626815.0 [Cert]
74VA2WDQ2008SO HP ALL351,882454226 [Cert]
75VE2EZD2013SO HP ALL328,15241222616.6 [Cert]
76VE2LX2014SO LP ALL291,56444125216.4 [Cert]
77VE2LX2013SO LP ALL285,85240324915.6 [Cert]
78VA2WA2012SO LP ALL276,8163662378.6VA2WDQ[Cert]
79VE2EZD2011SO HP ALL262,57036621723.8 [Cert]
80VE2OWL2001SO LP ALL252,880425218 [Cert]
81VE2EZD2016SO HP ALL248,82637722613.6 [Cert]
82VE2ESU2014SO LP ALL228,05636523217.0 [Cert]
83VE2XAA2010SO LP ALL209,5203002408.4 [Cert]
84VA2WDQ2010SO HP ALL202,0382992237.1 [Cert]
85CG2AXO2009SO LP ALL197,98530819710.9VE2AXO [Cert]
86VE2SG2014SO HP ALL188,7883112186.7 [Cert]
87VA2AM2008SO HP ALL187,096269182 [Cert]
88VE2FXL2013SO HP ALL (T)177,8402951804.9 [Cert]
89VE2FXL2014SO HP ALL176,9023381875.8 [Cert]
90VE2FU2008SO HP ALL174,174260182 [Cert]
91VE2SG2012SO HP ALL170,74831820413.9 [Cert]
92VE2ESU2013SO LP ALL157,08028418717.3 [Cert]
93VE2LX2011SO LP ALL152,83229119214.8 [Cert]
94VE2DV1997SO LP ALL141,180344156 [Cert]
95VE2LX2007SO LP ALL139,650271175 [Cert]
96VE2AXO1998SO LP ALL139,426277161 [Cert]
97VE2SB2003SO HP 20M138,475338191 [Cert]
98VA2WA2013SO LP ALL128,9612101617.9VA2WDQ[Cert]
99VE2FK2004SO LP ALL126,236262151 [Cert]
100VE2AXO2005SO LP ALL115,368217152 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.