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Data following the category are: callsign (operator), year of operation, and total score. Click on the category to view other high scores for Estonia.

CQ WPX RTTY Contest Score Records for Estonia

Category Call Year Score QSOs WPX
Multi-MultiES5Q 20176,592,5122,232888
Multi-TwoES100C 201812,516,1803,4461,011
Multi-Single HighES5Q 20116,725,9702,306859
Multi-Single LowES9C 20203,318,4351,424705
Multi-Distributed no entry        
Single Operator - High Power
High ALLES2DJ 20131,911,3621,100562
High 10MES5Q (ES4RD)20151,621,2621,042593
High 15MES5RY 20152,544,1361,367724
High 20MES4RD 20131,297,3381,021553
High 40MES5RY 20101,752,184822467
High 80MES5GP 2010899,640603357
Single Operator - Low Power
Low ALLES5RY 20141,689,160925605
Low 10MES1LS 201591,348223164
Low 15MES5Q (ES5RY)20161,482,226932622
Low 20MES2DJ 2015321,708464332
Low 40MES5RY 2019795,142496379
Low 80MES2DJ 2020228,760277215
Single Operator - QRP
QRP ALLES1WST 201110,4927161
QRP 10M no entry        
QRP 15M no entry        
QRP 20M no entry        
QRP 40M no entry        
QRP 80M no entry        
Single Operator - CLASSIC Overlay
High Power no entry
Low Power no entry
Single Operator - ROOKIE Overlay
High Power no entry
Low Power no entry
Single Operator - TB-WIRES Overlay
High PowerES4RD 2021816,080702404
Low PowerES100F (ES100F @ES5EC)20189,7607761

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