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Electronic Logs

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Electronic Logs

Cabrillo File Format

Logs are required to be in the Cabrillo file format and should be named call.log (call used in contest).  Most modern contest logging programs will create a proper Cabrillo log after the contest.  A notable exception is MixW, so read MixW Notes before the contest.  The following resources are available to help you create a proper Cabrillo log:

Log Submittal

Please submit CQ WPX RTTY Contest logs in the Cabrillo file format using one of the following methods:


Cabrillo format logs are received by a log processing robot which always returns an e-mail response to your submission.  That response can be one of the following three types:

  1. If your log has been submitted correctly, the robot's an e-mail response will contain a tracking (confirmation) number.
    1. If there are no comments about potential problems or questions with your log, you're done!
    2. However, if there is a problem that the robot corrected, then be sure the correction is really "correct" and what you want.  If not, correct your Cabrillo log and resubmit.  An example is the omission of the CATEGORY-POWER: line in the Cabrillo header.  If missing, the robot inserts CATEGORY-POWER: HIGH, so if your entry is actually LOW, you will want to add that to your header and resubmit the log.
  2. If there is a problem with your log that the robot does not fix, then the robot's e-mail will have suggestions for how to fix your log. Read this e-mail carefully. Most log submission problems are minor and can be corrected in one pass. Submit your log as many times as needed. Once you get the tracking number, your log has been accepted ... but, with the caveat of 1.b. above that the robot may have made corrections that you don't want!

It is very important that the call sign you used in the contest (the one in your log) appears in the subject line of the e-mail.  If this information is not there, your log will be rejected by the robot.

Completely fill out the header information in the Cabrillo file.  This is typically done when you are setting up the contest information in your logging program.  However, the header can be modified or completely created after your logging program creates the Cabrillo format file of your log.  Just use a well-behaved text editor like Notepad or the DOS editor to edit the Cabrillo file directly.

Check the Cabrillo file header closely before submitting your log. Items may have been omitted or may be incomplete.  If you did not answer all of the questions correctly when you set up the contest in the logging program or have changed your mind about your category, or the operator list has changed and you do not correct these items, the wrong information will get posted to the Cabrillo file.  Whatever is recorded in the header of your Cabrillo file at the time you submit your log is how your entry will be processed. 

The only way to change your log entry once the robot has accepted it is for you to submit another log.  Only the most recently submitted log will be used in log checking.


Check the Logs Received webpage to be sure your log is received from the robot.

Paper Logs

E-mail logs via the robot are encouraged. If you can not send an electronic log, you may mail your log to Paper Logs, Box 481, New Carlisle, OH 45344, USA.  Please mark WPX RTTY on the envelope.  Each paper log entry must be accompanied by a Summary Sheet listing all scoring information, the category of competition, and the entrant's name and mailing address in BLOCK LETTERS.

Click here to obtain a copy of the paper log submission forms (summary sheet and log page).