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Score Records (1995 - 2016)

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Data following the category are: callsign (operator), year of operation, total score, and number of prefix multipliers. Click on the category to view other high scores for World.

CQ WPX RTTY Contest Score Records for World

Category Call Year Score WPX

Multi-Multi 9A1A 201626,470,9041,289
Multi-Two EA8AH 200717,001,420895
Multi-Single High 5D5A 201215,579,5641,001
Multi-Single Low M0A 20162,844,486666

Single Operator - High Power
High ALL P49X (W0YK)201414,033,355939
High 10M EF8S (OH4KA)20143,934,791763
High 15M D44AC (YL2KL)20115,165,056832
High 20M D4C 20114,340,853807
High 40M 5B4AMM 20165,693,310735
High 80M EE8W (EA8AH)20112,597,000500

Single Operator - Low Power
Low ALL PJ4R (N4RR)20127,600,000760
Low 10M YV1KK 20152,635,110670
Low 15M EE8E (EA8AH)20152,553,040679
Low 20M 5C5W (CN8KD)20152,334,260635
Low 40M EA3GLB 20112,991,728578
Low 80M IV3YIM 20101,085,466393

Single Operator - QRP
QRP ALL TM3T (F5VBT)20151,793,839529
QRP 10M A61DJ 2014664,692386
QRP 15M IK5RUN 2016267,540294
QRP 20M SB0A (SM0LPO)2016399,438351
QRP 40M HG6C (HA6IAM)2013495,000300
QRP 80M IK3SSJ 2013481,440295

WPX (Prefix) Records for World

Call Year WPX
9A1A2016 1,289

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