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Notes for MixW Users

(Thanks to Rich, VE3KI (ex-VE3IAY) for providing these notes. Any errors are the responsibility of the editor, W0YK)

In order to create a proper Cabrillo format log, MixW must be properly configured before stations are worked and logged. Otherwise, extensive text editing will be required to transform the Cabrillo file that MixW produces after the contest. Here are the steps for using MixW in CQ WPX RTTY and creating a correct Cabrillo 2.0 format file:

  1. Set up for the contest using MixW's "View -> Contest mode" or "Logging -> Contest mode" menu item. Create a new contest setup using the "Add new" button. Be sure to fill in the correct UTC start and end dates and times for this year's running of the contest in the Contest settings dialog. Check the "AutoInc" check box.
  2. Log the received exchange for each contact into the following two fields:
    • RST_recvd
    • Exch_recvd (serial number)
  3. After the contest, invoke the Cabrillo export function in MixW to create your Cabrillo file for submission.
  4. Select the "Simple (RST & exch number)" Cabrillo format.
  5. Open up the Cabrillo file in a text editor (Notepad, Wordpad, MS Word, etc.) and verify that it conforms to the Cabrillo specification, particularly the QSO data format. Both the sent and received exchange must have two elements: RST and serial number). Note that some of the Cabrillo header lines are different between version 2.0 created by MixW and version 3.0 shown above. This is OK because after emailing your log (see next step 6.), the server will convert those lines to version 3.0 which you will see in the reply email.
  6. After submitting your Cabrillo file to rtty@cqwpx.com, you will receive a reply email message saying that your log format is OK, or listing the specific problems that you must correct and then re-submit to rtty@cqwpx.com.

Ask for help with an email to questions@cqwpxrtty.com.


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