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1NP3U M-TWO 14,053,6804,387894KI1G KP4VP N1HRA NG1...
2P49XSO HP ALL10,055,6362,997731W0YK
3Z37M M-MULTI 9,792,0903,262810 
4RW0A M-MULTI 9,238,3413,257713 
5WW4LL M-MULTI 8,084,1763,293796K1ZZI K9JS K9MUG KI5...
6AO8ASO HP ALL8,047,5752,520705 
7OH6R M-MULTI 7,731,2202,809805 
8OG8X M-TWO 7,465,9202,746808OH6CT OH6KXL OH8BQT ...
9TM7Z M-TWO 7,265,2052,602765 
10T93M M-ONE HP7,185,7722,520788T93M T93Y T94KC T97M
11DA0BCC M-TWO 7,137,8582,555769 
12K3MMSO HP ALL6,859,5872,597771 
13UF3CWR M-ONE HP6,627,4182,631763 
14D4CSO HP ALL6,523,5092,343709 
15OM8A M-ONE HP6,468,0242,212764 
16RL3AM-ONE HP6,261,1642,487721RA3ATX RL3FT RU3RQ R...
17UA9CLBSO HP ALL6,007,5792,320629 
18K1LZ M-ONE HP5,581,1852,247731KE5KHS KG6KZK
19HG80HQ M-ONE HP5,562,5502,076691 
20OA4O M-ONE HP5,477,5082,075639 
21J40WPX M-TWO 5,306,2242,401649SV2BFN SV1CER
22K4GMHSO HP ALL5,146,7372,347699 
23RK9CWA M-ONE HP4,810,9112,031579 
24OE9R M-ONE HP4,691,0281,864669DL3SBB OE9GHV OE9HGV...
25N2WK M-TWO 4,644,7742,263706N2WK WA2TMC
26KA4RRU M-MULTI 4,591,6682,403717K3UI K5OF KA4RRU KG4...
27DL3TDSO HP ALL4,359,2641,749672 
28UW2MSO HP ALL4,243,0571,825637 
29KF4QQYM-MULTI4,237,2122,195691K2WK KF4QQY W4MYA
30AJ1ISO HP ALL4,225,8322,012716W1UE
31RG9ASO HP ALL4,206,7381,771591 
325C5WSO LP ALL4,169,4521,610602 
34JA6ZPR M-TWO 4,020,4561,755628 
35N0NIM-MULTI3,970,0502,425665K0WHV KE0WO N0AC N0N...
36SP0DXC M-TWO 3,745,6161,802631 
37CT3KY SO HP 40M3,686,1441,132544 
38P40RSO LP ALL3,660,6351,543565N4RR
39HI3TSO LP ALL3,444,9391,730603 
40VE3APSO HP ALL3,430,3921,579588 
41TM4P M-ONE HP3,365,1161,643578 
42UT9FJSO LP ALL3,314,1261,691619 
43EA1AKSSO HP ALL3,192,7221,498562 
44UO6P M-ONE HP3,138,2641,462522 
45YN2SSO HP ALL3,137,8501,728570 
46YO9HPSO HP ALL3,012,3611,501583 
47UR4EWT M-ONE HP3,011,9581,567578 
48KS1YSO LP ALL2,978,7661,625658 
49JS3CTQSO HP ALL2,958,8051,418545 
50RT9SSO LP ALL2,906,5681,391511 
51DL2MWB M-ONE HP2,904,6501,441602 
52WX5S M-TWO 2,900,5582,227523 
53I2UIYSO HP ALL2,867,0021,451538 
54SI4G M-ONE HP2,864,6511,528557 
55RA3CMSO HP ALL2,857,7701,550562 
56OM3RJBM-ONE HP2,811,3361,472552 
57PY5/OK5MM M-ONE HP2,803,2401,446554 
58JH4UYBSO HP ALL2,752,6731,327539 
59WB9ZSO HP ALL2,692,8551,600605 
60VA3DXSO HP ALL2,668,8081,367542 
61RK3QWAM-ONE HP2,655,7511,508581 
62VE3UTTSO HP ALL2,609,0641,283564 
63OK1KSL M-ONE HP2,587,9601,372580 
64UW2NSO HP ALL2,477,3761,287552 
65IZ1LBGSO HP ALL2,437,0441,313564 
66YT5C SO HP 40M2,435,5201,033516 
67UZ1GSO HP ALL2,402,4001,432528 
68KH6ZMSO HP ALL2,386,2601,462405 
69SP4TXISO HP ALL2,374,9001,224550 
70RD4WASO HP ALL2,373,8761,496549 
71YL2CISO HP ALL2,357,6281,379546 
72UA9OGSO HP ALL2,293,2001,351490 
73LY6ASO LP ALL2,286,3961,266516 
74W3MFSO HP ALL2,238,2361,344559 
75S56A M-ONE HP2,230,2721,200528 
76S54E SO HP 80M2,225,056985496 
77YL6WSO HP ALL2,215,3401,208514 
78RG3KSO HP ALL2,212,2561,375538 
79W0LSD M-ONE HP2,174,6521,593522 
80LS1D SO HP 15M2,165,9681,256581 
81OK3R SO HP 80M2,151,016982497 
82SP9LJDSO HP ALL2,135,3591,190491 
839A2DQ SO HP 20M2,124,8251,366615 
84GW4SKA SO HP 40M2,124,752938488 
85W4ZESO HP ALL2,121,0601,456580 
86RK3MWIM-ONE HP2,101,3701,375470 
87UT7U SO HP 40M2,091,376889497 
88UA4HOXSO HP ALL2,075,1711,358511 
89W4PKSO HP ALL2,074,5121,230528 
90OK3CSO LP ALL2,067,0301,157510 
91DJ6QTSO HP ALL2,060,7101,084502 
92AA5AUSO LP ALL2,032,0081,634537 
93LZ9W SO HP 20M2,012,0231,346611 
94ZX2B SO HP 15M1,945,5811,192551 
95UW5QSO HP 40M1,945,084965466 
96LZ8A SO HP 20M1,943,9281,361609 
974Z5MLSO HP ALL1,915,883998449 
98SN2ISO LP ALL1,909,0891,121481 
99CT3EE SO HP 80M1,902,712746427 
100HG4ISO HP ALL1,888,2361,074508 
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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