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1JK2XXK2015SO LP ALL1,081,02077541929.7 [Cert]
2JK2XXK2016SO LP ALL970,60070942229.5 [Cert]
3JK2XXK2014SO LP ALL949,48773041329.2 [Cert]
4JA2VHO2013SO HP ALL922,46774840324.7 [Cert]
5JA2VHO2014SO HP ALL885,20469940226.7 [Cert]
6JA2FSM2013SO HP ALL805,38071437226.3 [Cert]
7JA2XYO2013SO HP 15M775,27463743922.1 [Cert]
8JA2FSM2010SO HP ALL726,51064836627.3 [Cert]
9JA2XYO2009SO HP ALL721,73266234922.5 [Cert]
10JA2BQX2016SO HP ALL631,60755836724.0 [Cert]
11JR2PMT2016SO HP ALL623,80854936119.5 [Cert]
12JA2VHO2015SO HP ALL583,44055934021.7 [Cert]
13JA2FSM2006SO HP ALL531,216607279 [Cert]
14JE2UFF2010SO LP 40M523,84838527627.5 [Cert]
15JE2UFF2013SO LP ALL513,45049431520.6 [Cert]
16JR2PMT2014SO HP ALL508,55450134218.4 [Cert]
17JF2XGF2015SO HP 40M488,81633827427.4 [Cert]
18JA2FSM2005SO HP ALL462,792563264 [Cert]
19JA2XYO2016SO HP ALL448,09247232421.9 [Cert]
20JA2FSM2009SO HP ALL439,00853427223.7 [Cert]
21JA2VHO2010SO HP ALL418,38944426723.5 [Cert]
22JA2VHO2016SO HP ALL407,54048028724.0 [Cert]
23JA2FSM2003SO HP ALL388,500490259 [Cert]
24JR2PMT2013SO HP ALL382,76043328022.3 [Cert]
25JA2FSM2011SO HP ALL380,56247427319.3 [Cert]
26JE2UFF1999SO LP ALL363,825477245 [Cert]
27JA2AXB2014SO LP ALL343,62943326726.2 [Cert]
28JR2PMT2015SO HP ALL337,15541027318.5 [Cert]
29JA2IVY2000SO HP 10M319,760420280 [Cert]
30JA2BY2000SO LP ALL286,230413235 [Cert]
31JA2AXB2016SO HP ALL (T)282,24034525217.4 [Cert]
32JA2AXB2015SO HP ALL279,10235525719.6 [Cert]
33JA2FSM2012SO HP ALL273,53542624116.8 [Cert]
34JF2XGF2016SO HP 40M268,64626721720.8 [Cert]
35JF2SKV 2008M-ONE HP262,626408222 [Cert]
36JR2PAU2013SO LP ALL244,99330921720.3 [Cert]
37JE2UFF2012SO LP ALL235,17234522714.5 [Cert]
38JA2BY1999SO LP ALL227,448352216 [Cert]
39JA2FSM2004SO HP ALL224,220379202 [Cert]
40JE2UFF2009SO LP 40M221,92027419021.3 [Cert]
41JA2BY2002SO LP ALL212,519335223 [Cert]
42JA2GHP2014SO LP ALL207,57034322219.8 [Cert]
43JG2REJ2016SO HP ALL206,90433622222.6 [Cert]
44JA2FSM2008SO HP ALL206,448351204 [Cert]
45JF2XGF2014SO HP ALL204,39231523215.8 [Cert]
46JR2LHM2014SO HP ALL203,68833221623.6 [Cert]
47JA2AXB2009SO LP ALL200,23231520619.7 [Cert]
48JA2ATE2016SO HP ALL196,74826920220.6 [Cert]
49JA2VHO2012SO HP ALL193,48731921113.4 [Cert]
50JF2VAX2008SO HP 20M191,296323224 [Cert]
51JA2XYO2012SO HP ALL190,29931622913.6 [Cert]
52JA2XYO2015SO LP ALL184,45829821314.8 [Cert]
53JA2BY2001SO HP 15M181,745293223 [Cert]
54JA2GHP2013SO LP ALL171,80430520618.4 [Cert]
55JE2UFF2005SO HP 40M160,212211158 [Cert]
56JA2ATE2013SO HP ALL159,69825718715.7 [Cert]
578J2VE2015SO HP ALL158,84028519013.2JA2ATE[Cert]
58JA2BY1998SO LP ALL157,833296171 [Cert]
59JR2NMJ2014SO HP ALL (T)149,93527719117.4 [Cert]
60JR2PAU2011SO LP ALL148,92526017521.1 [Cert]
61JG2NLN2016SO HP 15M147,55225521210.2 [Cert]
62JR2MIO/22016SO LP ALL (R)147,15926419720.0 [Cert]
63JA2AXB2013SO LP ALL146,95925317913.1 [Cert]
64JA2QVP2014SO LP ALL146,88027719212.9 [Cert]
65JJ2VLY2013SO HP ALL141,68025118414.3 [Cert]
66JA2HNP2012SO LP ALL134,52423216920.5 [Cert]
67JH2FXK2013SO HP ALL125,97023917010.7 [Cert]
68JA2FXV2015SO LP ALL123,03224316921.4 [Cert]
69JA2BY2008SO LP ALL121,832241157 [Cert]
70JA2HOL2012SO HP ALL119,66023119313.4 [Cert]
71JL2CZY2006SO LP ALL118,137258159 [Cert]
72JA2QVP2012SO LP ALL113,39924116914.3 [Cert]
73JF2SKV2005M-TWO112,064245136 [Cert]
74JA2AXB2004SO HP ALL111,384248153 [Cert]
75JA2AXB2011SO LP ALL111,25122516120.4 [Cert]
76JA2FXV2016SO LP ALL107,71223415318.8 [Cert]
77JA2AXB2010SO LP ALL106,73821216613.4 [Cert]
78JA2HYD2016SO LP 15M104,65020918217.5 [Cert]
79JA2QVP2015SO LP ALL101,56921616911.2 [Cert]
80JA2XYO2008SO HP ALL100,504197136 [Cert]
81JR2PMT2012SO HP ALL95,32520615511.2 [Cert]
82JH2BTM2016SO HP 15M95,32319417310.3 [Cert]
83JA2ODB2015SO HP ALL95,09420516216.2 [Cert]
84JF2IGP2002SO LP ALL93,694215158 [Cert]
85JA2KCY2010SO LP ALL93,01620515119.8 [Cert]
86JG2RZF2015SO LP ALL (T)89,64422114619.3 [Cert]
87JF2SKV2002SO LP ALL88,768233146 [Cert]
88JA2GHP2015SO LP ALL86,88019416011.6 [Cert]
89JA2UJ2001SO LP ALL83,835217135 [Cert]
90JA2QVP2016SO LP ALL83,58920214913.8 [Cert]
91JA2KCY2006SO LP ALL83,580225140 [Cert]
92JA2BQX2008SO HP ALL83,122215139 [Cert]
93JA2HOL2016SO HP ALL82,49219016415.9  
94JH2FXK2016SO HP 15M82,4251851579.0 [Cert]
95JA2GHP2016SO LP ALL82,04419715913.0 [Cert]
96JA2AXB2012SO LP ALL81,37519615512.0 [Cert]
97JA2ODB2016SO LP ALL80,75817014911.3 [Cert]
98JA2GHP2009SO LP ALL80,04120013113.6 [Cert]
99JA2BQX2003SO LP ALL72,520209140 [Cert]
100JA2MNB2000SO LP ALL71,680176140 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.